Half Of .EU Domains Have Rich Content

Not many top-level domain registries publish surveys on how their domain names are being used, but EURid this week did with some interesting findings, like just over half (51.84%) of the 150,000 .eu domain names survey have websites with rich content, 81% of domains with MX records are active and 82.5% are connected to a web server.

For the survey, 150,000 domain names were “crawled” in November 2020. Of these, 10,000 .eu websites out of the .eu domain names with rich content were manually classified by the Milan based Italian cooperative “Opera in Fiore” according to a categorisation defined by CENTR and based on the statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community, abbreviated as NACE. To ensure the highest-level accuracy, three different operators categorised the websites. Of these 10,000 .eu domains, around one in 6 (17.6%) were classified as being used for trade which includes ecommerce, 11.9% were associated with manufacturing and 8.7% of the domains were associated with community groups.

The findings of the manual categorisation are illustrated below:

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