Haiti quake severely strains telecom services

Telecommunications providers in Haiti will continue through the weekend to try to accommodate the enormous demand for phone and broadband services as they struggle to overcome massive damage to the island’s infrastructure from Tuesday’s 7.0 earthquake.”The logistics and the security situation are really bad,” says Paul Margie, U.S. representative for international relief organization Télécoms Sans Frontières (Telecommunications Without Borders). “There’s so much rubble in the street, it’s hard to drive places.”To read this USA Today report in full, see:
www.usatoday.com/tech/news/2010-01-14-haiti-phones-quake_N.htmAlso see:IT companies in Haiti rush to re-build
Days after a 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti, collapsing buildings and killing more than 50,000 people, communications continues to be the main IT infrastructure concern, and companies are rushing to restore what can be salvaged from the rubble.Crowd-sourcing sites, such as Ushahidi are helping to disseminate information about Haiti to companies around the world as well as international relief organizations.

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