‘Hacker’ launches iTunes copying

The release of software from a firm run by a notorious Norwegian hacker is likely to cause waves in the music and film download world.Jon Lech Johansen became the “enfant terrible” of the DRM industry when he released software which cracked the encryption codes on DVDs, aged just 15.His firm, DoubleTwist, has now released software allowing users to share digital media files across devices.It would allow songs bought on Apple’s iTunes to be shared on other devices.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7253542.stmDVD code cracker goes legitimate
Like Napster and others before him, “DVD Jon” has gone legitimate. But is it too late? Has the sun already set on digital rights?Jon Lech Johansen, the Norwegian teenager who helped crack the code on copying DVDs almost a decade ago, shared it with the world and won against Big Media in court, emerged from stealth mode in San Francisco this week with a new business called DoubleTwist.

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