Guess Who’s Afraid of an Open Internet?

Open Internet advocates just received a parting gift from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.In a Thursday filing to the Federal Communications Commission, Gonzales’ Department of Justice urged the agency to oppose Net Neutrality — the principle that all Internet sites should be treated equally.The DOJ stated that broadband companies like AT&T should be able to erect toll booths and filter traffic — upending the even playing field that has made the Web an unrivaled engine of democratic discourse and new ideas.The DOJ ruling once again proves the point — argued here at Huffington Post and elsewhere — that powerful corporate and government gatekeepers are working together to dismantle Internet freedoms and impose their will upon the Web.While Gonzales’ feckless reign at Justice is near an end, his legacy is becoming clear: His department has established itself as a friend to the powerful and enemy to the basic freedoms that Americans once took for granted.

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