Growing Mobile Internet Use Shrinks America’s Digital Divide: Pew Report

Quick: Picture an Internet aficionado, circa 1995.The first image that comes to my mind is Dennis Nedry, the embryo thief in “Jurassic Park,” who met his untimely end facing down a dinosaur in a soggy mud pit. The second is Milton Waddams, the befuddled, staple-hoarding drone from “Office Space.”But the common characteristics of those two characters — they are both middle-aged and white — may no longer be a fitting stereotype, at least when it comes to today’s mobile Internet aficionado, according to a new report released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.The survey, conducted in April by interviewing 2,253 Americans, found that while accessing the Internet via a mobile phone was increasing, the swell was reflected most sharply among African-Americans.To read this blog posting on the New York Times website, see: see:Americans are going wireless Internet big time, report says
A few days ago, the Pew Research Center released a report that Americans are looking online to fight the recession. On Tuesday it added that most of us are doing that via wireless Internet.The results of the center’s Internet & American Life Project survey show that 56 percent of adult Americans have accessed the Internet via wireless means, such as a Wi-Fi laptop, a mobile device, a game console, or an MP3 player. The most popular way people get online wirelessly is with a laptop computer, numbering 39 percent of some 2,200 survey participants. download the report, see:

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