Groklaw news website abandoned over US surveillance

An award-winning legal news website has stopped work, saying it cannot operate under current US surveillance policies.Pamela Jones, Groklaw’s founder, cited the alleged US practice of screening emails from abroad and storing messages “enciphered or otherwise thought to contain secret meaning” for five years.Groklaw had promised its sources anonymity, but said it could not now ensure contributors would stay secret. see:Groklaw legal site shuts over fears of NSA email snooping
The award-winning legal analysis site Groklaw is shutting because its founder says that “there is no way” to continue to run it without using secure email – and that the threat of NSA spying means that could be compromised.”There is now no shield from forced exposure,” writes the site’s founder, Pamela Jones, an American paralegal who has run the site from its start in 2003, in a farewell message on the site. Closing Ends Decade-Long Run Atop the World of Tech Law Journalism
The closure of Groklaw the technology world’s primary source of legal analysis for a decade has sent shock waves across the Internet.Citing the perceived impossibility of secure communication via the Internet, founder Pamela Jones wrote that the site which relies heavily on correspondents and sources would cease publication immediately.

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