Greenpeace: The iPhone contains toxic chemicals

The environmental group Greenpeace says that it has tested Apple’s iPhone for a variety of hazardous chemicals, and the iPhone failed. Greenpeace, which has long criticized Apple for the alleged toxicity of its products and manufacturing practices, found that the iPhone contained, among other bad stuff, chemicals known as phthalates, which are thought to affect hormonal levels and disrupt sexual development in humans.In response, another environmental group, California’s Center for Environmental Health, has pledged to take legal action against Apple for violating California’s Proposition 65, which requires companies to attach a warning label to products that may cause reproductive harm. see:
Greenpeace Slams iPhone [Macworld]
Apple’s cell phone is full of hazardous chemicals, say environnmentalists–who dissected one to find out.Environmental organization Greenpeace is gunning for Apple once again, this time arguing that the iPhone is full of hazardous chemicals.Greenpeace has disassembled an iPhone to find out what’s inside, and claims to have uncovered two types of hazardous substances, some of which: “Have already been eliminated by other mobile phone makers,” the organization said.This analysis claims the iPhone contains toxic brominated compounds (indicating the presence of brominated flame retardants) and hazardous PVC.,138447-c,iphone/article.htmlApple faces legal threat over ‘toxic’ iPhone
Environmentalists have threatened to sue Apple if it does not make its iPhone a “greener” product or tell consumers of the toxins allegedly used in the device’s manufacture.The Centre for Environmental Health (CEH), a campaign group based in Oakland, California, said that it would launch legal action in 60 days unless Apple took action.

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