Green IT strategies stifled by inertia; Dell Jumps on Green Horse to Lead Carbon-Neutral Charge

Nearly half of IT executives — 42 percent — admit their company does not monitor IT-related energy spending.A further nine percent don’t know, and of those that do monitor it, a quarter have seen their energy consumption increase over the past two years.The figures come from IBM-sponsored research, which claimed that while green issues might have a high profile within companies, few businesses have anything close to a proper strategy for dealing with it from an IT perspective.,39024647,39168579,00.htm,1000000308,39289704,00.htmAlso see:

Dell Jumps on Green Horse to Lead Carbon-Neutral Charge

Hoping to burnish its image as an eco-friendly company, Dell said Thursday it would strive to become the first carbon-neutral maker of personal computers and other technology gear. Dell plans to become carbon neutral in 2008, a year earlier than it had previously forecast, it said.

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