Governments, ICANN and the JPA (part 2) by Milton Mueller

On the Internet Governance blog, Milton Mueller comments on “the idea that we need to retain the Commerce Department’s leash on ICANN (the JPA) because if we don’t, other governments (autocratic Russians, Chinese commie hordes, turbaned Islamo-fascists or languid, dirigiste Europeans) will somehow ‘interfere’ with DNS.” However he suggests “to use this as an argument for retaining the JPA is truly one of the silliest, most off-target and logically-inverted distortions of the dialogue around this topic I have ever encountered. It should be obvious that the future of the JPA has virtually nothing to do with ICANN’s subordination to other governments. It’s about ICANN’s subordination to the US government.” Milton gives three scenarios as to how national governments could put pressure on ICANN. Each is critical of the CDT and others supporting the JPA.To read all of Milton’s article, see