Google’s Wireless World

All eyes are on Google.The wireless industry is sure to get a big boost of adrenaline if the Internet giant wins a coveted slice of wireless spectrum that will go up for sale later this month. Analysts say new services and devices would get to market faster if Google controls the spectrum than if a phone company or mobile operator manages it. “If Google wins, there’s a sense that the mobile Internet is really going to happen now,” says IDC analyst Scott Ellison.Indeed, Google convinced the Federal Communications Commission, which will begin auctioning the 700MHz spectrum Jan. 24, to open up this portion of the airwaves to all hardware and software developers–not just those that have exclusive agreements with the carriers.As a result, “The future is bright for handset makers, regardless” of who wins the auction, says Craig Mathias, a principal at wireless consulting firm Farpoint Group. “Handheld tablets are going to become more popular. You’ll see a diversity of handsets.” (For a perspective on how the wireless industry will look if phone companies win the wireless-spectrum auction, see “Phoning In Wireless Dreams.”)

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