Google’s organic search results defamatory – where to now for search engines?

Google became responsible for the defamatory publication of the web matter once it had notice of the material and failed to do anything to stop it from occurringThe Victorian Supreme Court has found Google liable for online defamatory publication through the automated mechanism by which its search function produced material that associated the plaintiff’s name along with the names and images of high-profile criminal figures (Trkulja v Google (No 5) [2012] VSC 533).If the search engine was designed by its programmers to work in this way, is the search engine provider responsible for the legal ramifications arising out of the online publication it creates? Seemingly so. The jury in a civil damages case brought against Google Inc found that the plaintiff, Michael Trkulja, had been defamed by Google’s automated search function, and specifically through the manner in which that search function put together material (mainly images) that suggested the plaintiff was linked to notorious criminal identities.

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