Google’s market share ‘dips below 90%’ in UK

Search giant Google has dropped to its lowest percentage of the UK market share in five years, Experian Hitwise, a firm that monitors web traffic, says.October figures released by the company suggest 89.33% of all web searches in the UK were made using Google.Its main rival, Microsoft’s Bing, now has 5% of the market share, with Yahoo’s Ask in third place. see:Google’s search share dips as Bing’s rises: set your alarm for February 2016
Watch out, Google: if last month’s search share loss carries on, then by February 2016 Microsoft’s Bing will have overtaken you.For Google, the threat may not be colossal. Yet Experian, which owns the internet tracking company Hitwise, reports that in October for the first time in five years Google’s search share in the UK dipped below 90%.

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