Google’s Eric Schmidt: Blocking file-sharing sites would make U.S., Britain like China

Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, said on Wednesday that proposals from the U.S. and British governments to block Internet access to file-sharing websites would endanger freedom of speech and push both countries toward being more like China, according to a report.”I would be very, very careful if I were a government about arbitrarily [implementing] simple solutions to complex problems,” Schmidt said, according to a report from the Guardian. see:Baidu Accused of Aiding Chinese Censorship in U.S. Suit
Eight New York residents filed a lawsuit Wednesday against China and Chinese online-search provider Baidu Inc., alleging they violated the plaintiffs’ U.S. constitutional rights by blocking prodemocracy speech from Baidu search results.The lawsuit turns a spotlight on China’s censorship of the Internet, which both stifles free speech in the country and poses a major hurdle for foreign Internet companies aiming to do business there. Websites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are blocked outright in China, and Nasdaq-listed Baidu’s main rival in the country’s search market, Google Inc., last year moved its mainland China search service to Hong Kong amid concerns about censorship and hacking.

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