Google’s Android racks up its 10 billionth app download

More than 10 billion apps have been downloaded from Google’s Android Market.To mark the moment Google said that for the next 10 days it would cut the price of some top apps to 10p each.The search giant announced the milestone on its blog adding that the store’s apps were being downloaded at a rate of one billion a month.To read this BBC News report in full, see: see:Android Market Now on Pace With Apple at More Than 1 Billion Downloads a Month
A new and important milestone for Google’s Android mobile operating system. Some 10 billion applications have been downloaded from the Android Market to date. An impressive number and one that’s growing at a rapid pace. It took about 20 months for the Android Market to serve up it first billion apps and just five more for the second billion.Now it’s delivering more than a billion apps per month. Which, notably, is the same number of apps per month Apple claimed to be serving at its October iPhone 4S launch event.

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