Google wins US Street View privacy case

An American couple who attempted to sue Google over what they claimed was its “privacy invading” Street View technology have lost their case in a Pennsylvania court.Aaron and Christine Boring brought their case against the online search giant in April, accusing it of privacy violation, negligence, unjust enrichment and trespassing for showing their home in the Street View feature, which adds 360-degree street-level photographs to Google’s world maps. They were seeking more than $25,000 (£17,400) in compensation and damages. dismisses Google lawsuit
A legal claim by a Pittsburgh couple that Google’s Street View feature violated their privacy has been thrown out by a federal judge.Christine and Aaron Boring sued the search giant after photos of their home appeared on the free mapping programme. Dismisses Google Street View Case [IDG]
A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Pennsylvania family against Google after the company took and posted images of the outside of their house in its Maps service.The lawsuit, filed in April 2008, drew attention because it sought to challenge Google’s right to take street-level photos for its Maps’ Street View feature. wins Street View privacy suit
A couple in Pittsburgh whose lawsuit claimed that Street View on Google Maps is a reckless invasion of their privacy lost their case. throws out lawsuit against Google Street View
A lawsuit against Google over its Street View mapping service has been dismissed. US District Court Judge Amy Reynolds Hay has concluded that Street View is not an invasion of privacy.

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