Google Wins the Most Hearts on the Web

It is not enough to be able to state your favorite movie, your favorite song or your favorite color. In the 21st century, you should also be ready to answer this question: What’s your favorite Internet brand? That is what JupiterResearch did recently in a survey, and it should come as no surprise that Google won this popularity contest. Next in line was Yahoo, followed by Amazon, eBay and MySpace. see:
JupiterResearch Finds Google and Yahoo! Favorite Online Brands, with MySpace Ranking High Among Youth [news release]
JupiterResearch reports Google and Yahoo! are consumers’ favorite online brands, although young adults like MySpace just as much. Marketers can use the results of this consumer survey to target campaigns so they align with consumer affinities.The findings are outlined in a new report, “Google and Yahoo Are Favorite Brands Online” that sketches the characteristics of brand-fans, such as age, gender, online buying habits, and attitudes toward online marketing and to the other brands. For instance, while Apple had the smallest fan base of the brands JupiterResearch queried, its supporters are extremely desirable. An astonishing 51 percent described themselves as brand advocates.”Marketers doing co-branded campaigns or deep sponsorships with these brands should be able to fine-tune them for audience affinities,” explained David Card, Vice President and Research Director at JupiterResearch. “That should work particularly well for piggybacking on new product or service launches, which will resonate first with those brands’ biggest fans.””During a time when consumers are hit with a barrage of messages each day, advertisers are undoubtedly looking for ways to target their marketing more effectively,” said David Schatsky, President of JupiterResearch. “Determining the favorite brand of an intended target will enable marketers to reach their audiences more efficiently.”

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