Google Wins British Libel Case

Google is not liable for defamatory material that appears in its search results, a British judge has ruled, a decision that lawyers call significant because of the country’s reputation as a haven for libel claimants.The decision was in a case involving Metropolitan International Schools, a British company that operates Internet-based training courses. The company wanted to sue Google over negative comments posted by a reader of a technology news Web site; the comments appeared in text blurbs with the results of Google searches related to Metropolitan.David Eady, a High Court judge, ruled that Metropolitan could not sue Google, saying it was not a publisher of the material. “It has merely, by the provision of its search service, played the role of a facilitator,” he wrote. see:U.K. Court Clears Google in Defamation Suit
The British High Court ruled that Google Inc. isn’t responsible for defamatory material trawled by its search engine – a decision likely to give the U.S. Web giant substantial protection from the U.K.’s tough libel laws.Justice David Eady ruled that Google’s Internet search engine isn’t considered a publisher under defamation law, and therefore isn’t responsible for the content of the short descriptions of Web sites that appear on Google searches. not liable for defamation in search results, rules high court
Google is not liable for defamatory comments that appear in news articles, blogs and forums displayed in its search results, a high court judge in London has concluded in a landmark ruling for UK defamation law.The case, against Google’s US and UK operations, had been brought by London-based Metropolitan International Schools.

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