Google Walks Away From Yahoo Ad Partnership

Google, the Internet company, said Wednesday that it had decided to walk away from an advertising partnership with Yahoo to avoid a legal battle with federal antitrust regulators who had notified the companies that they were planning to file a lawsuit to block the agreement.The decision is a setback for both Google and Yahoo, which had proposed to scale back the agreement significantly over the weekend in a last-minute attempt to salvage it. It suggests that Google has become so powerful that its actions will now draw increasingly intense scrutiny from the United States government and regulators elsewhere. Drops Out Of Advertising Deal With Yahoo
Google pulled out of its proposed advertising partnership with Yahoo today as it became apparent the deal would face a drawn-out antitrust challenge from the U.S. Justice Department.Google’s withdrawal presents a setback for Yahoo, which has struggled to compete with Google’s online search business and saw the partnership as a way to boost its revenue after rejecting Microsoft’s takeover bid this year. abandons deal with Yahoo
Google announces it is ending its plan for an advertising partnership with Yahoo to avoid a battle with regulators. Ditches Yahoo!
Jerry Yang, Yahoo!’s embattled chief executive, absorbed another body blow on Wednesday when Google announced it was pulling out of its advertising pact with the Web portal. In a statement, Google said it would have been too difficult to convince regulators that such a deal would not give the companies too much power in the online ad market.

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