Google vs. the Little Guy

In a lawsuit, Skyhook Wireless seeks tens of millions of dollars from Google for “intentional interference” that scared Motorola away from a big contractSkyhook Wireless Chief Executive Officer Ted Morgan says that as he finalized a contract with Motorola in April, he gave the phonemaker’s executives a warning: Expect some fireworks from Google when the deal is announced. Motorola’s forthcoming smartphones would use Skyhook’s software, which helps pinpoint a phone’s location, instead of Google’s version of the technology.While Motorola handsets would still be based on Google’s Android operating system, Skyhook — not Google — would collect much of the minute-by-minute data on the whereabouts of millions of Motorola customers. Because Google hopes to make billions by sending ads to individuals based on whether they’re at the ball game or in a grocery store, that information is gold.

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