Google vs. Apple: Who’s telling the truth?

First it was Steve Jobs’ health. Then it was the layoffs earlier this year. Now the Google Voice rejection. Apple’s credibility is being questioned yet again.Anyone who deals with Apple on a regular basis knows it is a company that gives information on its own terms. But now even the federal government is having problems getting a clear answer regarding Apple’s rejection of the Google Voice application for the iPhone.To read this CNET report in full, see: see:Apple’s Phil Schiller rejected Google Voice app
The news has come to light after the Federal Communication Commission in the United States released an unredacted version of a letter Google submitted to the FCC as evidence in an ongoing investigation by the Commission in to the circumstances surrounding the rejection of the Google Voice app by Apple. The Commission is particularly keen to establish whether AT&T, the iPhone’s exclusive carrier in the United States, played any part in deciding that the app should not be allowed.

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