Google versus the content-spammers

For some time, Google has been threatening to make life harder for so-called “content farms”, which produce mountains of low-grade articles stuffed with popular keywords, to ensure that they appear high up in search results. Google users grumble at having to wade through reams of such articles to find ones that are really informative. Now the search giant has revealed that it has tweaked the secret formula that it uses to rank web pages in ways that it hopes will make life harder for the purveyors of such spam.The changes to Google’s alogorithm algorithm, which will affect some 12% of the queries that its search engine handles, come in response to a growing chorus of criticism from some Google users. A number have publicly accused the company of being slow to crack down on content farms such as Demand Media and Associated Content because Google benefits from the revenue generated by the ads served up alongside the anodyne content they churn out. “Google has become a jungle: a tropical paradise for spammers and marketers,” lamented Vivek Wadwha, an entrepreneur-turned-academic, in a recent blog post.

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