Google, Verizon propose net neutrality rules

They suggest that Internet providers should have to treat all legal content equally and that FCC should have regulatory authority. Exemptions: private Internet channels and the mobile wireless market.Google Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. reached an agreement Monday on how the Internet should be regulated, but it was very different from the controversial pact that was expected.Last week, the broadband provider and the Internet search giant were rumored to be close to a deal under which Verizon would deliver Google content more quickly — for a price. Such a deal would fly in the face of efforts to establish net neutrality, under which Internet service providers would be required to give equal treatment to all legal Web traffic.Instead of the rumored pact, the companies proposed a seven-part policy that would give customers equal access to all legal content on the public Internet and give regulatory authority to the Federal Communications Commission.To read this report in The Los Angeles Times in full, see:,0,7352697.story

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