Google uses Britain as gambling guinea pig; reverses policy

Bookmakers and online casinos will be able to advertise on Google in Britain, the world’s most popular internet search engine, from today.The company, which yesterday received royal approval when the Queen visited its British headquarters near Victoria station, was condemned as “irresponsible” by MPs and church leaders for lifting its four-year ban and allowing gambling companies to buy “sponsored links” on its site in Britain. reverses policy to allow gambling adverts
Google will allow gambling advertising to appear on its search pages in mainlaind Britain, reversing its decision last year to ban such adverts out of ethical considerations.The company, which has the corporate motto “don’t be evil”, announced that gambling companies licensed in the UK could now advertise on the search results pages in England, Scotland and Wales. The ban will remain in place for in the rest of the world.The search engine currently also bans adverts for firearms, fireworks, “miracle cures”, and prostitution.

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