Google ups stakes in search engine battle

Google has upped the stakes in the battle to provide the best search results for internet users with two improvements to its service.Google, which dominates search but is facing increased competition from Microsoft and Yahoo!, rolled out two updates aimed at giving the user better choices to get to the information they want. adds new depth to complicated searches
Google on Tuesday announced it has broadly released changes that it expects will produce better results for complicated searches.The technology works by analyzing the content of Web pages that appear related to the query and determining from those pages the “entities” such as people, places, or concepts that are related to the query. Sometimes it would then offer suggested new searches in a “search refinements” section that appears at the bottom or top of the list of results, said Ori Allon, technical lead for the company’s search quality team, in an interview. The processing occurs during the fraction of a second Google takes to return search results. search gets Aussie algorithm update
Google is today rolling out a key upgrade to the algorithm powering its search engine which is based on “Australian-made” technology originally developed by a PhD student at the University of New South Wales.The student was Ori Allon and the search engine process he developed at the university’s Kensington campus in 2005 was called Orion.

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