Google Unveils Search Engine Domain Name Blocking Tool

Google unveiled a tool last week that will enable web users to block particular domains from future search results. The tool, so far seemingly unnamed, means that when clicking on an unwanted search result, there will be a new link next to “Cached” that reads “Block all results.”The tool is intended to allow web users to block domain names that they believe provides poor search results, unwanted content (maybe pornography) or just a general dislike of a website.Upon clicking on the link to “Block all results” a confirmation message will be displayed as well as the option to undo your choice. There will also be a link that shows whether or not the internet user is signed in, but the domains blocked are connected with a Google Account, so the user will need to sign in before a block can be confirmed.Once a domain name is blocked, it will not be seen in future search results. And if in future it is desired, the domain name of course can be unblocked.To read a posting on the Google Blog, see: