Google tries to sidestep criticism of $125m book project

Google today attempted to rally supporters of its deal with the US publishing industry, in an effort to combat growing criticism of the $125m (£76m) agreement.In a press conference today, Google said its settlement with the Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild – which was first agreed to last year – would allow millions of books to be digitised, proving many people with the chance to access information that was otherwise unavailable to them. see:Google books deal battle heats up
The battle over Google’s effort to digitise the world’s books and create a vast online library has intensified.Authors have until Friday to opt out of the $125 million settlement the search giant made with authors and publishers.The date for comments to the New York court overseeing the class action suit was extended from Friday to Tuesday, after the filing system went down.As time ticks away, supporters and critics have been manning both sides of the debate to win the public case. Government lodges objection to Google Books deal
The German Government has lodged an objection to the deal which will allow Google to continue to scan, and sell digitised copies of, many of the world’s in-copyright books.

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