Google Touts Energy Efficient Data Centers

Google is many things: The most used Internet search engine, the largest seller of online advertising, the busiest online video site (YouTube), a maker of maps, e-mail and scores of other applications delivered over the Web. And all these things are possible because, first and foremost, Google is a massive collection of electricity-hungry data centers, packed with hundreds of thousands of computers that deliver all these digital services almost instantly to virtually any computer around the globe. says its data centers are the most efficient [IDG]
Google’s leadership on the Web stems partly from its powerful data centers, which allow it to provide lightning-fast search results while keeping energy costs to a minimum. The company has been mostly secretive about what goes on inside these giant computing factories, but on Wednesday it offered a peek at what it has been able to achieve — on the energy side at least. search for cleaner energy unveiled
Google aims to do for the power grid what it did for the Web.The company, which conquered the market for Web search by first simplifying how it is done and then making sales of related advertising more efficient, is funding green technology and using its brand power to lobby for policy change.Through its philanthropic arm, the company is backing startups designing wind, solar and geothermal technologies, which it hopes will eventually be cheaper than coal. Google invested $45 million in such companies this year.

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