Google to Update Privacy Policy to Cover Wider Data Use

Google said Tuesday that it would revise its privacy policies and terms of service, to make them shorter and more readable and to change the way Google can use information that users provide.To alert users about the changes, which take effect March 1, Google plans to undertake its biggest notification effort ever via e-mail and announcements on its various sites, according to a person briefed on Google’s plans. see:Google to unify privacy policy across products
Google Inc plans to unify its privacy policy and terms of service across its online offerings, including its flagship search, Gmail and Google+ products, to make them easier to use, but the move could attract greater scrutiny from anti-trust regulators.In an online blog post, Google said it expects to roll out the revised guidelines in over a month’s time, consolidating more than 60 separate privacy policies it uses for its online products. overhauls privacy, user data sharing [AFP]
Google is revising its privacy policies and changing how it collects and uses data from users of its services to provide more personalised search results and advertisements.The Mountain View, California-based company said it is combining more than 60 privacy policies for its various services such as internet search, Gmail, Google+ and YouTube into a single policy that will take effect from March 1.

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