Google to tackle internet crime with Illicit Networks summit

Google is attempting to turn the tables on criminals and terrorists who exploit the internet by using its search capabilities to expose and disrupt illicit activity.The internet giant has launched a campaign against the secrecy and impunity of drug cartels, organ harvesters, cyber-criminals, violent radicals and traffickers in arms and people. see:Google Announces Plans to Fight Illicit Trading Networks
Google’s taking on an ambitious global initiative — using technology to expose, map and disrupt illicit networks of drug smugglers, arms dealers and human traffickers.The tech giant is hosting its second annual summit, this time called the Illicit Networks: Forces in Opposition (INFO), in Los Angeles on Tuesday and Wednesday. The INFO summit will focus on how technology can expose and disable these illegal networks. In attendance will be tech leaders, Googlers, government officials and survivors. Google says it’s been working with frontline fighter groups to gain an understanding of how these criminal trades function.

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