Google to be sued over ‘snooping’ in US

The US Supreme Court has rejected Google’s appeal to dismiss legal action accusing it of breaking privacy laws.In 2010 Google admitted accidentally collecting personal data from unencrypted wi-fi networks while building its Street View program.Its cars collected emails, usernames and passwords between 2008 and 2010. see:Supreme Court Rejects Google’s Street View Appeal
The United States Supreme Court on Monday allowed a case accusing Google of wiretapping to proceed, undermining the search company’s efforts to put a troublesome episode to rest even as it plans to become more deeply embedded in consumers’ lives.Google’s annual developers’ conference last week showcased the company’s wide-ranging agenda to expand its technology from desktop computers and mobile devices to the home, the body and vehicles. Google’s new devices will communicate and share data, requiring a great deal of trust by users that all this information will not be used in unauthorized or unexpected ways. Court declines to hear Google’s request in Street View lawsuit [IDG]
The U.S. Supreme Court declined to throw out a class-action lawsuit against Google for sniffing Wi-Fi networks with its Street View cars.The Supreme Court on Monday denied Google’s request to hear the Street View case after a U.S. appeals court in September refused to throw out the class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that Google violated U.S. wiretapping laws when its Street View cars accessed unencrypted Wi-Fi networks as they drove through neighborhoods.

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