Google ‘taken by surprise’ by Street View row

Google’s newly appointed director of privacy has admitted the internet giant was “taken by surprise” by concerns over its Street View mapping product and has generally given its users too many “unpleasant surprises” in recent months.Alma Whitten, one of Google’s longest-standing privacy and security experts, today said the company had “taken to heart” concerns raised about its Street View service, which adds panoramic street-level photographs to Google Maps. see:Google pledges quest for tighter privacy controls
Google Inc is “building stronger controls” to safeguard privacy, a senior executive said on Tuesday after the search engine giant’s admission to inadvertently gathering emails and passwords across the globe.Peter Fleischer, Google’s global privacy counsel, told reporters at a conference on Internet security he was “puzzled” that users had made scant use of privacy controls made available on the site months ago, and Google would try to improve them.

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