Google shows Android running on a phone in Europe

Google Android logoGoogle showed its Android OS running on a mobile phone for the first time in Europe on Tuesday in a cautious screening ahead of its imminent launch.Google provided a glimpse of its Android operating system running on a mobile phone for the first time in Europe on Tuesday, in a limited viewing ahead of its imminent launch.The device looked similar to HTC’s Dream, rumored to be the first device that will have the OS, although bits of masking tape obscured any branding. T-Mobile’s London office said Tuesday it is committed to launching an Android phone by the end of the year.To read this IDG story in full, see;990171714 or HTC Android phone to be unveiled
Google is expected to unveil its first mobile phone next week, sparking a fierce battle with Apple’s hugely successful iPhone ahead of the Christmas shopping season.The handset, known as the Dream, will be made by Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, and available exclusively on the T-Mobile network in the UK.To read all of this story, and to see photos of the new phone, see handset demo at Google Developer Day
Journalists and developers at the Google Developer Day event in London Tuesday were treated to an unexpected demonstration of the upcoming Android handset.To read this CNET article in full, see

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