Google Sets Limit on How Long It Will Store Some Data

After years of criticism about how it keeps a record of what people do online, Google said it would start automatically deleting location history and records of web and app activity as well as voice recordings on new accounts after 18 months.

The limited change, announced on Wednesday, comes after Google introduced an option last year to allow users to automatically delete data related to their web searches, requests made with the company’s virtual assistant and their location history. At the time, it offered users the ability to erase the data after three months or 18 months.

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Google says it will no longer save a complete record of every search
Google will no longer save a complete record of every search made by new users, the company says, as it launches a push to promote its privacy credentials against concerted competition from arch-rival Apple.

The company will now automatically delete its saved records of a new user’s activity on the web and in its apps after 18 months, chief executive Sundar Pichai announced on Wednesday. Previously, such information had been kept indefinitely by default, which the company argued was necessary to personalise its services for individual users.

Google tweaks privacy settings to keep less user data
Google is tweaking its privacy settings to keep less data on new users by default.

The search giant said that starting Wednesday, it will automatically and continuously delete web and app activity and location history for new users after 18 months.

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