Google says online ad revenue stabilising

Google executives on Thursday said that they had seen a return to stability in the online advertising market as the internet company reported quarterly earnings ahead of Wall Street forecasts.”A quarter ago, we had no idea where the bottom was,” said Eric Schmidt, chief executive.Instead, Google had seen a return to more normal behaviour on the part of its users after a period in which they had delayed online purchases and cut the amount they were spending, he added. see:Google Growth Slows Again; Sales Rise 2.9%
Google Inc.’s growth continued to slow in the second quarter, signaling the online ad market remains in a slump.The Internet search giant’s revenue inched up 2.9% from a year earlier to $5.52 billion, down from 6% growth in the first quarter, and far below the 39% growth Google saw in the second quarter last year. profits rocket despite recession
Internet giant Google continued to shrug off the worst effects of the recession, announcing today that it had seen an 18% increase in profits for its last financial quarter.In its latest financial results, the Californian technology giant posted net profits of $1.48bn (£901m) for the three months to the end of June, on the back of revenues of $5.52bn (£3.36bn). While that marks just a 3% increase in revenues on the same period of 2008, net profit rocketed by 18% – up from $1.25bn for the second quarter of last year.

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