Google Says FTC Starts Review of Practices

Google Inc. said the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has begun what’s likely to be a broad antitrust investigation with a review of the business practices of the world’s most popular search engine.The company received a subpoena on June 23 “relating to a review by the FTC of Google’s business practices, including search and advertising,” according to a regulatory filing yesterday. Google said it is cooperating with the probe.To read this Bloomberg report in full, see: see:Google Defends Itself Amid Probe
Google Inc. confirmed Friday that it had received a subpoena from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission in connection with a probe of its business practices, and outlined the defenses it will muster in its confrontation with regulators and rivals.In a blog post, Google said it has no lock on the Internet search market, and that it is committed to fostering competition, not stifling it. Competition “is only one click away,” Google said, and asserted confidence that its principles will “stand up to scrutiny.” Antitrust Inquiry: Microsoft’s History Looms Large
Is Google the next Microsoft?The question, which has been asked most often in regard to Google’s ability to innovate, takes on new significance amid reports that the Federal Trade Commission is on the cusp of launching a wide-ranging antitrust investigation into the Internet company.Exactly two decades after the FTC launched an inquiry into Microsoft’s competitive practices, opening up a slew of regulatory actions, the Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, reports the FTC is now preparing to serve Google with subpoenas and will probe whether the company has abused its dominance in the search market to unfairly promote its own services at the expense of rival offerings. Confirms F.T.C. Antitrust Inquiry
Google confirmed on Friday that the Federal Trade Commission had opened an antitrust investigation into its core search and advertising business.The inquiry has the potential to turn into the biggest showdown between the United States government and a major technology company since the Microsoft antitrust trial that began in the late 1990s.’s dominance draws new scrutiny from regulators
Tech titan Google has built its runaway success on a promise to consumers that the firm’s almighty search engine can take the untamed jungle of sites and information on the Web and spit out exactly what people are looking for, whether it’s the cheapest shoes or the best home mortgage rates.Now government regulators around the world are wondering whether Google is still giving consumers the best results or whether the giant, as it expands, is more interested in using its search formula to promote its products and block out competitors.

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