Google says China search block may be tech glitch

Google Inc said its earlier report that Internet search services in China were being fully blocked could have been the result of a technical glitch that overstated the problem.Google shares pared losses to 1 percent from a 1.6 percent decline earlier on Thursday after the company said on its website that its Internet search, mobile and advertising services could not be accessed in China. see:Google Search Engine Is Blocked in China
Updated: Google said that the search engine is now functioning normally in China. “It’s possible that our machines could overestimate the level of blockage. That seems to be what happened last night, when there was a relatively small blockage,” said Jill Hazelbaker, a Google spokeswoman.Google said Thursday that its search engine was “fully blocked” in China, along with Google ads and mobile search.This is the first time that Google has been blocked since March, when it closed its search service in China and began automatically redirecting users to an uncensored search engine in Hong Kong after a standoff over censorship. Although it has been fairly common since then for the search engine to be partially blocked, which Google describes as between 10 percent and 66 percent blocked, it has not been fully blocked, or 67 percent to 100 percent blocked.

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