Google said in mobile alliance

[Reuters] Google Inc. will unveil its mobile strategy Monday, including a phone operating system and a broad alliance with multiple wireless service providers and handset vendors, people familiar with the matter said Friday.Sources said the Google mobile operating system would be based on open-source Linux code, which would support applications from different software developers in addition to Google’s own services, which include e-mail and mapping.,1,1208457.storyAlso see:Google to Announce Mobile Platform on Monday [IDG]
Google negotiators this weekend continue to hammer out agreements with wireless carriers, handset makers, software developers, and hardware providers, as the company prepares to announce on Monday an ambitious platform for creating mobile applications.,139240-c,google/article.htmlI, Robot: The Man Behind the Google Phone
A retinal scanner emitting a blue glow monitors the entrance to Andy Rubin’s home in the foothills overlooking Silicon Valley. If the scanner recognizes you, the door unlocks automatically. (The system makes it easier to deal with former girlfriends, Mr. Rubin likes to joke. No messy scenes retrieving keys — it’s just a simple database update.)Those forced to use the doorbell are greeted with another technological marvel: a robotic arm inside the glass foyer grips a mallet and then strikes a large gong. Although Mr. Rubin won’t reveal its cost, it may be one of the world’s most expensive doorbells. Google Turned Into a Social Butterfly
Facebook is an island. A most convivial island, with one’s classmates, friends, workmates and family members close at hand. An island that since May has been enlivened with entertaining fauna and flora in the form of minisoftware applications. But it’s still an island.Suppose, however, that you could leave the island compound of a social networking site and take your network of friends, and friends of friends, anywhere on the Web? This is what makes Google’s announcement last week of a new alliance of companies so enticing — the possibility that social networking will become ubiquitous. and Bebo join Google’s love-in
Two of the world’s largest social networks have signed up to Google’s broad alliance, putting further pressure on FacebookGoogle ramped up the pressure on Facebook last night, announcing that MySpace and Bebo had joined the broad alliance of social networking sites it has assembled that will offer a cross-site platform for software developers.The decision by MySpace, which has 110 million users, and Bebo – the most popular networking site in the UK – to sign up to Google’s initiative, called OpenSocial, is likely to put pressure on Facebook to drop its own, similar, platform and join up too. MySpace Joining Google’s OpenSocial
Now, it’s getting interesting: News Corp.’s MySpace is joining Google’s just-announced OpenSocial program. That’s Google’s shot at one-upping Facebook in the race to get outside software developers to create programs for social networks. The program allows developers of social applications, such as Slide, RockYou, and Flixster–which in turn have helped make Facebook the hot company of the year–to write programs once and have them run largely unchanged on any social site that signs on to OpenSocial.

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