Google releases censorship tools

The US government asked Google for user information 4,287 times during the first six months of 2010.During the same timeframe the UK government put in over 1,000 such requests.This is just two snippets from Google’s new Transparency Report, a set of tools designed to show censorship levels around the globe.Civil liberty groups welcomed the tool but called on Google to provide even more detail about the requests. see:New online Google tool shows where services blocked [AFP]
Google released a new online tool on Tuesday that shows where the Internet giant’s services and products such as YouTube are being blocked around the world.”We believe that this kind of transparency can be a deterrent to censorship,” David Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer, said. bows to Aussie take-down requests
Google has dramatically increased its compliance in requests for take downs from the Australian Government in the past six months, it said in its biannual transparency report released yesterday.The report revealed that the internet giant complied with 92.9 per cent of the 200 data and 14 removal requests made to Google from the Federal Government between January and June 2010, compared to just 52.9 per cent of 155 data requests in the July to December 2009 period.

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