Google rejects plan to make it pay for news in Australia despite law being watered down

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Google has rejected a bargaining code designed to force it and other tech groups to pay publishers for news they use on their websites, even though it has already been watered down after a fierce lobbying campaign by the search giant.

In a post to Google’s official blog, the company’s Australian boss, Mel Silva, said the proposed code would “fundamentally break how search engines work”, complained it would involve giving news publishers special treatment and slammed the “final offer” method that is to be used to resolve how much should be paid for news as “unfair and unprecedented”.

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The News Media Bargaining Code remains unworkable—but there is a path forward by Mel Silva, VP, Google Australia & New Zealand
The Australian Government has introduced its News Media Bargaining Code into Parliament.

Unfortunately, while the Government has made some changes, the legislation still falls far short of a workable Code. As the legislation goes to a Senate committee for inquiry, it has serious problems that need to be worked through.

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