Google power ‘less than thought’ as eBay starts boycott

There was encouraging news for the growing army of Google-haters yesterday when a leading internet advertising researcher suggested that the search engine’s stranglehold on online promotions was looser than he had expected. Bill Tancer, a research analyst at Hitwise, the internet research firm, said that eBay’s decision to pull all its advertising from Google in the US had had only a small impact on the “traffic” flowing from the search engine to the online auctioneer’s site. eBay pulls Google adverts
The move comes after Google angered eBay with a provocative decision to hold an event on the same evening as eBay’s annual merchants’ conference. Google and eBay in furious dust-up
There is nothing more enraging than a clash in social diaries, as two of Silicon Valley’s top firms have just discovered. A decision by Google to hold a party in the middle of an eBay conference has prompted a furious dust-up between the two technology companies. The row erupted when Google attempted to lure customers, technology experts and partners away from a major marketing event hosted by eBay in Boston this week.,,2103329,00.html

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