Google outlines proposal for ‘Wi-Fi on steroids’

Google on Monday said it has a plan to have American consumers from Manhattan to rural North Dakota surfing the Web on handheld gadgets at gigabits-per-second speeds by the 2009 holiday season. proposes using unused U.S. airwaves for wireless Internet services
Google gave U.S. regulators a proposal Monday seeking permission to use the airwaves between television broadcast channels for mobile broadband services.In comments filed with the Federal Communications Commission, Google said it would propose an enhanced system to prevent wireless devices operating in the so-called “white space” between channels from interfering with adjacent channels and wireless microphones. revives push to get free airwaves
Google Inc.’s wireless strategy could be summed up this way: Why pay for something you can get for nothing?The Internet giant is making a renewed pitch to regulators for free access to what may be the last great swath of airwaves — the unused spectrum between broadcast TV channels. Google says its use of those airwaves could give consumers faster and cheaper wireless Internet access.,1,5208434.story

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