Google offices raided by South Korean police

A police statement said they suspected Google has been collecting and storing data on “unspecified internet users from wi-fi networks”.The firm recently admitted that its Street View cars had been collecting information over unencrypted wi-fi networks, calling it “a mistake”. see:Google under probe in S.Korea over data collection
South Korean police raided Google Inc’s Seoul office on Tuesday, the latest in a series of legal challenges the company is facing because of data collected by its controversial fleet of “Street View” cars.Google has been preparing since late last year to launch its “Street View” service in South Korea, and the data collection was related to the launch, police said. Korea raids Google over Street View
South Korean police raided Google’s offices Tuesday to see whether the company broke local laws by collecting user data in kicking off its Street View service in the country.The Korean National Police Agency confirmed the probe of the search giant in a statement sent to Reuters and other news sources. Korean police raid Google’s office over Street View [IDG]
South Korean police on Tuesday raided Google offices in an investigation of the company’s Street View mapping project, the latest instance of a country scrutinizing the company’s collection of Wi-Fi dataThe Korean National Police said in a statement that they have launched an investigation into unauthorized data collection and illegal wiretapping.

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