Google offers to open digital library to rivals

Google on Thursday offered to give internet rivals, including Amazon, access to its massive database of digital books, as it renewed efforts to counter a wave of opposition stirred up by its landmark legal settlement with the publishing industry.However, the gesture was immediately rebuffed by a lawyer representing opponents of the deal.The offer, made during a US congressional hearing into the legal settlement, comes a week before the US government is due to issue its initial views on whether Google stands to gain too much power from the scanning of millions of books held in university libraries. see:Google to allow booksellers to profit from digital library
In an effort to quell its critics, Google Inc. on Thursday said it would open up its vast digital books archive to rival retailers who can access the books and sell them online.The announcement, made during a congressional hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on Google’s book-scanning project, involves digital copies of millions of so-called orphan books, works that are still under copyright but whose rights holders can’t be tracked down.,0,6375242.story

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