Google obeys Brazilian court order, blocks YouTube political video

The Brazilian unit of Google, the world’s No. 1 Internet search engine, said on Thursday it had obeyed a court order to remove a video attacking a candidate in Brazilian municipal elections from its YouTube service after legal appeals were exhausted.”We are profoundly disappointed to not have the opportunity of openly debating our arguments in the electoral justice system that the videos were legitimate manifestations of the freedom of expression and should continue (to be) available in Brazil,” said Fabio Coelho, director-general of Google in Brazil in an e-mailed statement. see:Google Brazil to take down controversial Brazil video
The president of Google operations in Brazil, Fabio Jose Silva Coelho, has said the company will take down a controversial YouTube video that led to his brief detention on Wednesday.In a statement, Mr Coelho said he was left with no choice after losing a final legal appeal.A regional judge had ruled that the material slandered a candidate running for mayor next month. will block controversial Brazilian video
YouTube said Thursday that it will block a video about a Brazilian mayoral candidate after being denied the chance to appeal to keep the clip online.The video service, a part of Google, announced the decision in a company blog post. In the post, Google Brazil country director Fabio Coelho also gave an abbreviated account of events that led to a court order for his arrest. He was detained, questioned and released on Wednesday.

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