Google must be more open on ‘right to be forgotten’, academics warn in letter

Google needs to be more transparent in the way it handles so-called “right to be forgotten” requests, with 80 leading academics writing an open letter that accuses the firm of developing its policies “in the dark”.In the detailed and strongly worded four-page letter shared with the Guardian, experts in technology law, data protection and philosophy claim that releasing more information about the volume, character and classification of removal requests would benefit the public and help inform a wider global discussion on privacy and personal data. see:Dear Google: open letter from 80 academics on ‘right to be forgotten’
It is one year since the European Court of Justice ruled that citizens have the right to request that Google remove links to information about them if these are out of date, misreprentative or irrelevant. But some of the world’s most expert academics claim that Google has not been transparent enough in how it is responding to requests for delisting, and 80 academics from around the world have written to the corporation demanding more transparency about its processes.

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