Google, Microsoft, Apple and the race to a talking TV

We’ve all been there — lazily relaxing on the couch, when an engrossing TV or movie show wraps up and is inexplicably followed by something that you just don’t want to watch.The channel needs to be changed but the remote is out of arm’s reach. Wouldn’t it be nice just to tell the TV to change the channel itself?Soon, you may be able to do just that. Your TV will be able to follow your command, but for now you’ll still need the remote in hand.Eventually, however, the remote won’t be mandatory and someday, your TV may even talk back.The first steps of making all this a reality are already being taken by some of the biggest names in the tech industry — Google, Sony, Samsung, LG, Microsoft and Apple too.To read this Los Angeles Times report in full, see:,0,3787941.story

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