Google Maps redraw the realm of privacy

As street-level photos are added to the site, fears of intrusion arise. Google late Monday began incorporating street-level photos from Los Angeles, San Diego and some Orange County cities into its Google Maps program. The additions expanded an online service that thrilled some digital-map buffs and freaked out privacy advocates when it launched in May in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York and three other cities.,1,5407348.storyAlso see:
Is Google Map Street View an Invasion of Privacy?
Few months ago, you could see the photograph of a woman on her underwear just by clicking on Google Map Street View. The woman’s picture was taken in real time when she was in her car with the door open. After numerous complaints, Google removed the image from its Google Map Street View feature. Google Map Street View is one of Google”s most recent creative features. It allows users to obtain a virtual and ‘real time’ view of some of the United States streets. Besides being able to see street-level photographs, Google’s street view allows users to talk virtual walks, find restaurants, shops, or any point of interest (maybe your foe’s house), and explore other city point of interests like landmarks, cityscapes, etc. This is great; but scary.

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