Google launches petition against German ‘link tax’ proposals

Google has kicked off a campaign against a proposed German law that would force search engine providers to pay copyright fees every time they return a news article in their results.The Leistungsschutzrecht für Presseverleger, or ‘ancillary copyright for press publishers’, would provide an extension of copyright in Germany to cover snippets of articles, such as those that show up in search results so the user can tell what each result is about. It is being proposed by Angela Merkel’s coalition, and follows intense lobbying by publishing giant Axel Springer and others. see:German lawmakers condemn Google campaign against copyright law
Senior German politicians have denounced as propaganda a campaign by Google to mobilise public opinion against proposed legislation to let publishers charge search engines for displaying newspaper articles.Internet lobbyists say they are worried the German law will set a precedent for other countries such as France and Italy that have shown an interest in having Google pay publishers for the right to show their news snippets in its search results. launches campaign in Germany against proposed law that could establish fees for content [AP]
Google is launching a new campaign in Germany to protest against possible copyright restrictions being discussed in the country’s Parliament.The “Defend Your Web” campaign started Tuesday seeks to mobilize Google users against plans to introduce a so-called “Google Tax”. The levy, being pushed by publishers, would require search engines to pay each time they link to media content like newspaper articles or photographs.

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