Google Joins Europe Case Against Microsoft

Accusing Microsoft of unfairly sidelining competitors, Google said on Tuesday that it will apply to join a European Union antitrust case against Microsoft over the company’s Web browser.The case, initiated by the E.U. in January, accused Microsoft of illegally tying Internet Explorer to Windows to stifle competition in the browser market, breathing new life into issues that were at the core of the landmark Department of Justice antitrust suit against Microsoft a decade ago. The E.U. acted after it received a complaint from Opera, an Oslo-based maker of a competing browser. Mozilla, which makes the Firefox browser, applied to join the case earlier this month. fears EU fine over browser
The European Commission is threatening a “significant fine” against Microsoft for bundling its Web browser into Windows and may require the company to offer a range of competing browsers in all new PCs.This disclosure is related to the commission’s antitrust investigation into Microsoft and was revealed in a note to investors on Jan. 22. The software maker has until March 12 to respond to the commission’s objections to Internet Explorer, which Microsoft has bundled into Windows since 1996. pledges to support EU’s Microsoft case
Google has become the latest company to join the chorus of voices supporting the European Commission’s investigation of Microsoft over allegations of anti-competitive behaviour.The Silicon Valley internet giant said yesterday that it was hoping to become a party to Commission’s investigation into Microsoft’s dominance of the internet browser market. jumps into EU antitrust case against Microsoft
Google Inc. today said it has asked the European Union’s Competition Commission to let it participate in the antitrust agency’s investigation of rival Microsoft Corp., joining browser builders Opera and Mozilla in the case. joins EU antitrust case against Microsoft
Google Inc has added its voice to the case against Microsoft Corp as the European Commission probes antitrust charges related to the software giant’s Internet Explorer browser.”Google believes that the browser market is still largely uncompetitive, which holds back innovation for users,” Sundar Pichai, Google vice president product manager, wrote in a blog post on Tuesday. backs Europe case against Microsoft browser [AP]
Google Inc. is joining forces with European regulators in an attack on Microsoft Corp.’s dominance of the Web browser market, injecting more bad blood between two of computing’s richest and most powerful companies.The latest assault on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, announced Tuesday, comes as Google is trying to expand the usage of its own Web browser, a 6-month-old product called Chrome. joins the EU’s Internet Explorer smackdown
Google likes to tout the advantages of self-regulation and the free market when its dominance in search and advertising is called into question, but the Web giant doesn’t seem to mind letting the government intervene in the browser market. In an announcement posted today at Google’s official public policy blog, Google VP of product management Sundar Pichai says that the company will be participating as a third-party in the European Commission’s (EC) ongoing investigation of Internet Explorer.

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