Google Insists It’s a Friend to Newspapers

It had the makings of a high-tension face-off: Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, spoke Tuesday at a convention of newspaper executives at a time when a growing chorus in the struggling industry is accusing Google of succeeding, in part, at their expense.Any open controversy reverberated little more than a soggy newspaper hitting a doorstep. Mr. Schmidt’s speech closing the annual meeting of the Newspaper Association of America here was a lengthy discourse on the importance of newspapers and the challenges and opportunities brought about by technologies like mobile phones. A.P.’s Real Enemies Are Its Customers
If The Associated Press could completely win its war on search engines and news aggregators, it’s hard to see that the news association or the newspaper companies that own it would be even the slightest bit better off.The A.P contends that Web sites that don’t pay for its articles and photos are pirates depriving its members of revenue.”We own the content but we’ve let those who spend very little, if any, get the most advantage from it,” Dean Singleton, the chairman of The A.P. and chief executive of the MediaNews Group, told PaidContent. The news association announced a stepped-up effort to use technology to find unauthorized use of its articles and photos on the Web to put pressure on site owners to respect its copyrights. boss tells papers to stick with ad revenue [AP]
Google’s chief executive has told newspaper publishers that they should continue to rely on advertising but seek new ways to reach readers.Without providing specific recipes, Eric Schmidt laid out a few possibilities, including a site for medicine similar to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, which lets users collectively contribute and edit entries. He urged publishers to focus on mobile technology and the development of new platforms for delivering news.

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